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Simplest State

Simplest State

Sir Arthur Eddington, the British physicist, said, “The stuff of the world is mind-stuff.”

The Yoga Vasistha of the ancient Vedic literature states, “Even as from the waking state there is no materiality in the objects seen in a dream, this world appears to be material, yet in reality it is pure consciousness.”

We are not in the world; the world is within us, and the Simplest State of human awareness is that state where consciousness is open to itself--a field of all possibilities.

The development of higher states of consciousness has been a theme of all cultures throughout time. Each in their own way, our guests have searched for something more, and we will hear how their experiences have impacted their lives as they describe the pursuit, development, and expression of consciousness and creativity in their lives.

Unique guests, fascinating stories, wonderful revelations, and spiritual epiphanies, all brought to light in an entertaining and informative fashion on Simplest State.

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Questions & Answers

How many episodes are there of Simplest State?

There are 6 episodes avaiable of Simplest State.

What is Simplest State about?

We have categorized Simplest State as:

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  • Philosophy
  • Spirituality

Where can you listen to Simplest State?

Simplest State is available, among others places, on:

  • Spotify
  • Apple Podcasts
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When did Simplest State start?

The first episode of Simplest State that we have available was released 3 March 2022.

Who creates the podcast Simplest State?

Simplest State is produced and created by Simplest State.